Jurassic Park 3 Deleted Scenes

Posted by Nexus on January 19, 2014 (Updated: 21-Aug-2023)

This article includes various Jurassic Park 3 Deleted Scenes that were seen in the original script or other media.

Egyptian Discovery

At the start of the movie, there was going to be a scene were a paleontologist in Egypt uncovers a Spinosaurus tooth.

Dr. Grant and Ellie’s Goodbye

There was originally longer goodbye sequence between Dr. Grant and Ellie when he goes over there for dinner. They discuss Grant’s theory on the way Velociraptors communicate. Then Jack the Parrot responds with “Bullshit!”.

Extended Departure

There was a scene in the trailer where we can see the plane taking off at sunset, possibly from Montana to go to California to take the Kirbys to Isla Sorna.

The Death of Udesky

Originally Udesky was going to be killed in the plane by the Spinosaurus. This was changed to Nash instead.

Extended Spinosaurus versus Tyrannosaurus

The scene included more footage of the Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus including roars and growls. There was also a scene in the trailer where the Spinosaurus slaps the Tyrannosaurus across the face.

The Death of Ben Hildebrand

In the shooting script, Ben Hildebrand was going to be killed by a pack of Velociraptors and Eric films the Raptors as they go back into the jungle.

Extended Laboratory

When Dr. Grant, the Kirby’s, Billy, and Udesky go into the abandoned laboratory, the scene was extended showing more depth and how large the building was.

Udesky’s Fall

When the group were  fleeing the raptors in the forest, Udesky originally fell over and got up and heard the raptors approaching.

Udesky Versus the Raptors

There’s a deleted scene where Udesky hits a Velociraptor with a stick but the Raptors easily overpower him and injure him.

The Death of Nash

In the script, Nash was going to be killed by a Velociraptor when he stands up to them. Udesky was killed in the final film.

Fresh Footprints

In the shooting script, there was going to be a scene where Eric is in the compound and notices freshly made footprints.

Ankylosaurus Crossing the River

When the survivors are going down the river and they see the dinosaurs, there was going to be Ankylosaurus crossing the river

Ceratosaurus Dialogue

There’s additional dialogue after the Ceratosaurus appears, smells the survivors and wonders off. Paul Kirby says “can’t help from feeling a little bit offended”.

Spinosaurus Emergence

There’s a scene showing the Spinosaurus emerging at the end of the film.

Paul & Amanda Rekindled

There was another scene showing Paul and Amanda considering getting re-married after Eric brought them together.

Pteranodons vs Velociraptors

Immediately after the previous scene, there was originally going to be some altercation between the Velociraptors and Pteranodons.

Dr. Grant and Ellie

There was some additional dialogue of Dr. Grant thanking Ellie for sending help.

Returning the Eggs

Originally Dr. Grant and Eric Kirby give the stolen eggs back to the Velociraptors.

Velociraptor versus Ankylosaurus

A scene was planned involving the Ankylosaurs and the Velociraptors fighting.

Paul and Amanda Kirby

There was some additional dialogue between Paul and Amanda discussing who should get custody of Eric.

Alternate Endings

There were a few different scripted endings. The Spinosaurus was originally going to be killed by lots of Velociraptors after it attacks the survivors on the boat. Another ending had the Spinosaurus attacking the marines on the beach. Another ending had the Pteranodons attacking the survivors in the rescue helicopters.

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  1. Would have been better to have the Rex and Spino engage in multiple fights throughout the film. With the Spinosaurus always managing to drive off the Rex. Up until the final fight between them close to the end of the movie, where the Rex would finally kill the Spinosaurus outright. Only for it to die of its own injuries shortly after the fight.

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