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irex1 Indominus RexThe Indominus Rex, also known originally as Diabolus-Rex or D-Rex, is the nickname given to a genetically-created hybrid dinosaur that is the villain in the Jurassic World movie. It has a mixture of DNA from various dinosaurs including the Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Velociraptor and was a created as a new attraction for the park.

DNA & Abilities

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The T-Rex forms the basis of the Indominus Rex and it looks and moves quite similar to the T-Rex. You’ll easily be familiar with its huge powerful jaw and tail.


The Indominus Rex has various features from Abelisaurs which improves upon the Tyrannosaurus Rex and makes the I-Rex bigger and stronger. The dinosaur incorporated DNA from a Giganotosaurus to make it bigger; a Majungasaurus for more teeth; a Rugops for its bony osteoderms and a Carnotaurus which gives it the horns above the eye orbit.


Cuttlefish had an interesting ability where it can change the colour of its skin at will. This gives the Indominus Rex a massive advantage at camouflaging with its environment allowing to hide in plain sight.

 Indominus RexTree Frog

The tree frogs DNA allow the Indominus Rex to alter its body temperature. This allows the Indominus rex to avoid infrared detection used by the Park’s security.

Pit Adder

As we know the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s vision is based on movement. However, due to the Adder’s DNA, the Indominus Rex can see in infrared vision allowing it to spot heat signatures from its prey.


The last confirmed creature is the Velociraptor which gives the Indominus Rex superior intelligence. In Jurassic World, the dinosaur can see weaknesses in its enclosure and actually set a trap kill its prey and escape. The Raptor DNA also allows it to communicate with the Velociraptors and it becomes the Alpha Raptor for a short time.

Unknown Abilities

  • It’s assumed another modern creature was used to give the Indominus Rex opposable thumbs giving it better hand movements such as the ability to grasp onto its prey.
  • It’s also speculated that the creature has some kind of electromagnetic ability to interfere with radio and mobile signals as many times throughout Jurassic World, the characters had trouble communicating via radios.

Jurassic World

InGen SEO Simon Masrani funded the creation of the Indominus Rex as a new park attraction, however the InGen board had more sinister intentions and were wanting to use the dinosaur as a military weapon. Dr. Wu didn’t divulge what DNA went into creating the Indominus Rex as the intention was to create a lethal killing weapon for the InGen. The idea was to deploy the dinosaur at night with infrared vision and was able to stay hidden from enemies (through its camouflaging and thermoregulation abilities).

Indominus Rex Indominus Rex

Indominus Rex

In Jurassic World, it is said that the Indominus Rex killed its sibling at some point. Simon Masrani arrives at the attraction and tells Claire Dearing that he wants Owen to check its enclosure for vulnerabilities. When Owen and two other park employees explore its enclosure, it’s assumed the Indominus Rex has scaled the wall and escaped. Instead, the dinosaur set a trap and ambushed them. It kills the two employees and escapes its enclosure with Owen managing to hide. The security team attempt to capture the dinosaur but it tears them apart. Later, the two kids, Gray and Zach, are in the Gyrosphere and are attacked by the Indominus Rex. They narrowly manage to escape by jumping off a waterfall. Claire and Owen arrive at the old Visitor’s Center and are attacked by the dinosaur. Simon Masrani flies a helicopter and attacks the creature from the air as it runs into the aviary. Many pterosaurs escape and cause the helicopter to crash through the aviary.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Indominus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The security team decide to use the Velociraptors against the Indominus Rex but unknown to them, it’s revealed that the creature has Raptor DNA. It is able to communicate with the Raptors and orders them to attack the security team. Owen later manages to reconnect with the Velociraptors and orders them to kill the Indominus Rex. The Raptors attack but are easily overpowered by the dinosaur and seemingly killed. Claire opens up the Tyrannosaurus paddock and leads it back to the Indominus Rex. The two dinosaurs engage in a ferocious battle with the Indominus Rex having the upper hand. As it is about to kill the Indominus Rex, the Velociraptor “Blue” reappears and attacks it. This enables the Tyrannosaurus to re-engage in battle. As they push the I-Rex to the lagoon, the Mosasaurus bursts out of the water and drags the Indominus Rex to the bottom of the lagoon, killing it once and for all.

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        1. might have evolved after the meteorite hit and picked of the survivors. This might be a cool idea egg cause it might have died, then Jurassic world found its remains and pretended they hadn’t found it , and then they surprised the world with the Indominus rex by making it taking the dna out of it and created the dinosaur!!!

      1. Well it wouldn’t exactly kill everything. It just so happens that this one was raised improperly and so it went insane kind of. In the wild I am sure it would be an apex predator but this one didn’t know where it fit in the chain so it just went killing everything in a psychotic rage.

  1. Being the dinosaur enthusiast that I am, I can’t wait to see what this dinosaur looks like. Hopefully it will be more ferocious than the T-Rex, the velociraptor, and the spinosaurus.

    1. D rex?Heck, no. If there was a final battle between tyrannosaurus rex and diabolus rex, I would say t rex would win, even though the diabolus will probably poison it, it’s unknown that it will with longer arms and claws than t rex.

        1. i wouldnt think so the spinosauros has 1 major weakness its sail, its sail is connected to its spine, i rex can easily knock him on his back braking his sail and thus the spinosauros would be paralyzed … i think he was too over-rated in jurassic park 3 the infant t rex would of easily took him out

    1. It was created to be used in the military but the scientists that cared for her didn’t know that and so raised it improperly. Being isolated and treated like a monster drove it insane and so it wanted revenge.

  2. Who’s the real killer, t rex or d rex?
    It would be the dinosaur that almost every one of the dinosaurs fans loved to see in the fourth movie. Jurassic Park 3 scene with spinosaurus killing a t rex, it’s just complete bullsh*t, I’m okay with that scene, normal reaction, but in my opinion, it would be tyrannosaurus. I give credit to diabolus, the new killer, but I prefer tyrannosaurus rex.

  3. It’s a f**king bad idea to create something that would bring even more destruction and chaos, or in a better term, extinction upon themselves. Dumb, greedy bastards brought annihilation to themselves. Not the managers’ problem, but why the hell would they make a serious mistake and f**king do it. That’s bullshiting and screwing around. Good movie, though.

          1. You’re wrong spinosaurus is tougher than the rest of the dinosaurs because he was the most dangerous dinosaur in the world,because I was watching in billschanel top 10 most dangerous dinosaurs and the spino was first.(If you want more information go to the spinosaurus chapter)

  4. i can.t wait to see that movie in june jurassic world with this new hybrid prehistoric dinosaur call indominus rex or d-rex for short with that dinosaur i will command it this one is a rookie but i love dinosaurs please make another two jurassic park sequels please yes there is more dinosaurs

    1. yay i found it!
      Claire: [Walking up stairs to… paddok] The Indominus Rex makes us relevant again
      Owen: [laughing] Indominus Rex…
      Claire: We needed something scary and easy to pronounce. You should hear a four year old try to say ‘Archaeornithomimus’.
      Owen: You should hear you try to say it…

  5. Ok so everyone who watched the movie knows that there were 2 Indominus Rex and one die. Well what if somehow, the 2 Indominus Rex bred, made an egg, and because they were smart hid it. Then the 2 Indominus Rex fought because they thought the other would try to kill the offspring and one killed the other. Then in Jurassic World II, the Indominus Rex grows up and is even better than it’s parents so it kills the T-Rex that killed its parents and everything else in the island. Oh and all the embryos in the lab somehow hatch and team up with all the humans and kill the Indominus Rex.

    SOME IDEAS FOR THE DINOSAUR EMBRYOS THAT HATCH: Spinosaurus, Giganotasaurus, a pack of Raptors, and of course a T-Rex.

    Ok so everyone who watched the movie knows that there were 2 Indominus Rex and one die. Well what if somehow, the 2 Indominus Rex bred, made an egg, and because they were smart hid it. Then the 2 Indominus Rex fought because they thought the other would try to kill the offspring and one killed the other. Then in Jurassic World II, the Indominus Rex grows up and is even better than it’s parents so it kills the T-Rex that killed its parents and everything else in the island. Oh and all the embryos in the lab somehow hatch and team up with all the humans and kill the Indominus Rex.

    SOME IDEAS FOR THE DINOSAUR EMBRYOS THAT HATCH: Spinosaurus, Giganotasaurus, a pack of Raptors, and of course a T-Rex.

          1. No ones the king!spino and rex lived in two different enviroments and if they would have a fight……..they would probaly try to scare each other instead ofkill each other…………………………………………………….DONT JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. indominus rex is great in all but why did the mosasaur have to kill it? just saying because t rex fans wanted to see her to kill the indominus not the mosasaurus. but the mosasaur didnt get too much screen time so i guess the director thought that it had to be in the movie a little longer. but its still a good ending i guess.

    1. That because mosasaurus have jaw 3 or 4 times stronger than t rex jaws and the t rex jaws can’t go inside thick hide of indominus rex and mosasaurus have very long tooth about 2 or 3 times the size of t rex tooth so that can go inside indominus rex hide and killing it.

  7. In the 2nd JW they should make another hybrid to fight indominosaurus number two。They should call it “The Defender”。It is a combo of Triceratops for horns and frill,an Ankylosaur for armor and tail club,and a Brachiosaur for size。The plot is that in the first JW,there were two Indominus rexes。They mated,and the female killed the male,as T-rexes often do after mating。The female broke out to find food and a safer nest for her offspring,and got killed。In the second movie,the egg hatches and goes on rampage looking for a mate。The 2nd Indominosaurus is stronger then its parents,because hybrids easily mutate,and as its parents were siblings,that made mutation even more likely。The security guards go after it and get ripped apart。The goverment wants to nuke the island to stop the idominusaur from being captured by other countries and used as a superweapon against them,even though many tourists and tons of tech are stranded on the island。INGen want to save the tech,and are forced to create “The Defender” to battle the indominus rex。

  8. Here is my idea for Jurassic Park V: Another Indominus rex is created by the villan and it wreaks havoc, they create another hybrid to defend themselves. It is called the Giganotospinoraptor rex! It has the body, arms, and legs of a tyrannosaur, the head of a carcharodontosaur, the sail of a spinosaur,…and the killer claw of a Velociraptor. However, even though it kills the Indominus rex, it takes control of the park and begins eating everyone, but they send in a Spinosaurus, and it kills the Giganotospinoraptor rex!

  9. Look Spinosaurus fans, your talk about spino winning against anything on land is folly. He swam and mostly hunted fish. The bite of a T. Rex is much stronger than a spino. Sorry to crush your dream.

        1. First of all im not stupid.Second of all v rex is the future version of the rex,the rex already has a powerful bite,so v rex probaly has an even stronger bite.Also,what dinosaur was nick named `ghost of the forest`?

  10. Especially against the I Rex. He may be smaller than spino but is more agile, can run faster, camo, tougher skin, intelligence. New reports are coming out that when on land Spino was on all fours, def. not an apex predator but a predator no less

        1. They didn’t have the full sleketon and didn’t they use frog dna to fill the gaps in the scan that’s what fcked the spinosaurus’s modle.Also they say there might be a sub-species of spinosaurus.Or there just from different time periods.Which means the one they just found may have been one of the more recent ones.

  11. I said there’s evidence..spino is mostly aquatic. The tyrannosaurus has a larger and stronger bite force. The Spinosaurus may be bigger but not as lethal. There’s no point in arguing over which would win cuz we’ll never really know. But by bite force t-rex would win in my opinion. I’m not saying I love the t-rex more. Just saying, dang chill spino dude..

    1. That reconstruction is now thought to be inaccurate and that Spinosaurus had this stance as juvenile and lost it at adulthood. T-Rex may have had a stronger bite, but Spinosaurus’ advantage was it’s arms. They would slash the tyrannosaur’s head off, and then while it could continue scratching, T-Rex could just flail around its baby arms and die. It is true that we will probably never know which would win, but I think Spinosaurus would win because it’s bigger, better, taller, heavier, and faster than T-Rex was. BETTER BELIEVE.

      1. T.rex and Spino may have lived in the same time period but t.rex was in north america and spino was in north africa a fight between the two is probably very unlikey and if the planet was just breaking apart then it is really unlikely that that happened

  12. You have a point with slashing but I wouldn’t say it could take it’s head off with it’s slashing. But all it would take is one bite to the head and the Spinosaurus would be done.

    1. Yeah, but why does everyone hate spino? Just because of that one little scene everyone freaks out! By the way, just ONE bite wouldn’t kill Spinosaurus, but maybe three bites could. And yes, it probably wouldn’t take of T-Rex’s head. Sorry about the better believe.

      1. I LIKE SPINO TOO FINALLY SOMEBODY THAT UNDERSTANDS ME THAT SPINO IS STRONGER THAN TREX.Im going to tell you the top 5 dinosaurs what is going to be in Jurassic world 2 you know how I loked at it in facebok first ankylosaurus,SPINOSAURUS,mosasaurus,velociraptor and trex. II forgot that as well look in youtoube top 5 dinosaurs that will return in Jurassic world 2

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    2. I’m a spino fan too .I-rex sucks and stop thinking about that idiot indominus rex if it was a battle of spinosaurus he would win and If there is a battle of spinosaurus and velociraptor he would finish I-rex in over seconds faster than a trex

  13. But the only reason that the Indominus was killed was because blue was able to distract it from killing the Rex from p9 and with their combined strength they managed to push it towards the water where the mosasaurs was able to grab it by the neck and have the Indominus become her dinner

  14. i think the t.rex is better but this whole spino vs. t.rex crap is stupid if u really want to prove who would win build a time machine and force the dinos to fight and you find out great come back and tell us, if your eaten well that’s a you problem and we will be here talking about irex

  15. I absolutely love Jurassic World. 🙂 The dinosaurs are awesome; Blue being my favorite and the Indominus suceeding in frightening me multiple times. It was sad though, to know it had gone mentally unstable because Ingen kept secrets, and it was improperly cared for.

    I wanted to ask though. Does anyone know how old the Indominus was in the movie, or how expensive it was to create her? I am currently working on a fanfiction and want to get all my facts straight.

    🙂 The spinosaurus in JP 3 was pretty cool, but a battle with an Indominus I think would be difficult to determine……
    The Spinosaurus was larger than the Indominus in the movie, and they both have long forearms with massive claws. But, the Indominus Rex has a jaw made for biting and crushing thanks to the T-Rex DNA it posesses.

    The Spinosaurus won in JP 3 because it got a hold of the Rex with its forearms, which was partially the same reason why the Indominus Rex had an advantage to Rexy in Jurassic World.

    🙂 I guess I can decide the victor when I write the scene in my fanfic of two Indominus Rexes battling a Spino. Lol

  16. I thought that this movie was FANTASTIC. Though now I kind of want to make the park now. I mean now that I know what the indominus Rex can do and watching the movies and seeing the parts that went wrong. People could actually, if they had the right equipment and technology. Recreate an actual living safe theme park. And I have got to say Indominus Rex is freaking amazing besides Blue. Blue is pretty cool

  17. Name meanigng Feirce or untamable King
    It’s roar is up to 140-160db, the same as a 747 taking off and can reach speeds up to 30 mph because of the Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus DNA.

    If any of you have ever seen Jurassic world or want to know where I got that from go to and go to the dinosaur section of the page.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex wins and please no spoilers on what’s suppose to happen in Jurassic world ll

  18. The spino with new found evidence was four legged. It was still the largest sauropod, but T-Rex had movement and stronger bite force. The T-Rex killed in JP3 was said to be an adolescent. The Indominus would have won if not for the raptor. The Indominus is bigger, faster and stronger in all things except bite force It has the intelligence to kill for sport, a thing only humans are capable of. Logically the only reason the T-Rex won, is because another T-Rex death, expecially Rexy, would have been terrible for the franchise.They had to have the moss a ur pull it into the water.

  19. If you look on the official Jurassic world wiki, its absolutely BS. It talks about how the indominus sustained fire from a mounted machine gun, on the chopper. Funny thing is that the Indominus Rex was never hit by the gun, because rather than shooting in front of the indominus, they shoot behind it.

  20. Uhhhh… Well Giganotosaurus wasn’t an Abelisaur, but it was in the Indominus. Also the Pit Viper allows the I rex to open its jaw extra wide. I’m not sure about the electromagnetic ability, but the opposable thumbs may confirm the fact that there is human DNA in there, considering the fact that it is far smarter than a raptor. Now what was its actual scinetific name, I can’t remember, was it “archeoornithomimus”?

  21. I like dinosaurs I wish I had every single toy from Jurassic World I love them so much. Spell the dumbest Rex for me like this world or else. You better spell it or else 👽👽. Spell blue do you know hi . I wish I had a real dinosaur I wish I wish I was one so I can stop and everybody can get a Maura . I forgot one I forgot how to spell dinosaurs because I’m doing my homework and I need some of your Doodoo trimmer school science project or else I’m gonna get kicked out . I need some dude or else I will fail the class and my sis you have a drawer or mouth I will have it all over my face it’s like I’m a pig rolling in my own Doodoo an opera nationals oh my god no please find some dancer do do yeah or else I will do something bad and I will have a stash OK . Dinosaur do you do you scared oh my God I wish I could just throw it out the world so he dinosaurs do you tell me where to go because I really want to ride with the full apples always up like I thought annoys or something and a tea Rex in a camel because I think a camel is a dancer and yeah I am . Do you know dinosaurs are real because there’s mother on Doodoo under the sink by media because there are do you do do you do do you do you do you do you do dinosaurs that’s my cousin Doodoo and my cousin do you love to eat Doodoo l wait wait way . Bye-bye I’m done hopefully find something to eat for a science project peace

  22. The indominus Rex is very cool and scary tho it’s cousin the indoraptor is way scarier when the I-Rex died I was not super sad tho I was a little bit with my love for dinosaurs when indoraptor died I cried for half an hour my parents tried to calm me down but no luck the indoraptor was my favorite from Jurassic world with its pure glowing red eyes to the stripe of gold on its body to its terrifying sharpened teeth my love for the indoraptor and indominus is still pure but I just like indoraptor better.

  23. If a I-Rex and blue (velociraptor) had a fight, tyrannosaurus will come near and help blue push the I-Rex to the lagoon. And when the tyrannosaurus and blue pick him up and throw him in the water, mosasaurus will come anytime and finish him all!

  24. Mosasaurus is gonna snap him with his razor- sharp teeth and if megalodon comes then if mosasaurus does not see megalodon then megalodon is gonna come distract mosasaurus and take I-Rex with him in his mouth and mosasaurus will be chasing him like a cheetah!

  25. SO indominis rex WINS. YAY. indominis rex has big clawz to kill. and a stoger forurs than tea-rex get it. its so deadly he win for his weapens. cheer for indominis rex. yay yay yay indominis rex wins cool. not indorapter. I SAW A REAL POTOTHO IN THE MOVIE and he grabed a porson in his mouth. he sqished his bons. so dead.I do not like to be a dinosaur. you can die if you are a sad the dinosaurs diedwecan ride one to IDOMINIS REX WINS.

  26. I like the dino but It can exist in the coming fulture because Scientist are trying to reverse of bird DNA to get dinosaurs but when they get a baby trex and later that trex grows up then they mix DNA with Velociraptor DNA and the rest of DNA from other dinos in the mix and if we don’t care of dangers coming in the fulture there we go the indominus rex baby born into the world and being super dangerous so we have the technology but we need time.

  27. I love Jurassic world but I think the indominus rex could still be alive because of its cuttlefish d.n.a. The cuttlefish could regrow limbs and like squids possibly heads and with both the cuttlefish d.n.a and viper d.n.a it could swim and have possibly gotten out of the mosasaur paddock and after learning a lesson (it’s the smartest animal other than humans) Andis still living on Isla nublar in hiding until fallen kingdom.

  28. But indominus rex is like one of the coolest dinosaurs ever. And the one in the movie wasn’t even a full grown adult. And spinosaurus is a really iconic dinosaur with its sail. And the t-rex is the king of the dinosaurs. And the raptor is my personal favorite since i got really interested in the Jurassic park franchise so hopefully we can all agree they are all on the same level of coolness. Is everybody okay with that?

  29. I want there to be a jurassic world movie but instead of i rex i want it to be her twin sister that they speak of d rex diablus rex sounds kinda like diablo huh so i want it to be the diablus rex oh and of course a new story so yeah!

  30. I love Jurassic world but I think the indominus rex could still be alive because of its cuttlefish d.n.a. The cuttlefish could regrow limbs and like squids possibly heads and with both the cuttlefish d.n.a and viper d.n.a it could swim and have possibly gotten out of the mosasaur paddock and after learning a lesson (it’s the smartest animal other than humans) And is still living on Isla nublar in hiding until fallen kingdom.

  31. We have to do an essay on a thing and I chose the T- rex and The I- rex I have 2 paragraphs for the I- rex but only one for the T-rex. But I prefer Rexy it actually upsets me that she was only brought out to take the I-rex down. The I-rex was mistreated on so many levels she didn’t have any social skills and she was trying to find her place in the food chain. As Owen said the only relationship she had was with the crane. it would’ve been so much better if her sibling made it to the paddock with her. Although she was a very social animal for not having any social interaction

  32. I have a theory, an indom theory (i miss Matpat). The Genome of the Indominus is mostly made up of Tyrannosaurus, Giga, Raptor, and Theri dna however they all have 3 fingers or less. But you know which dino in Indom’s genome has 4 fingers? That’s right Carnotaurus and in JWFK the Carnotaurus is seen in the flesh and look at it.s hand, it has a finger that is very strangely in a very similar position to an opposable thumb which means it has to have to be somewhat oppsable, if not fully oppsable. So my theory is that the Indominus rex got its opposable thumb from Carnotaurus. But hey, that’s just a theroy. An Indom theory! Thanks for reading.

    PS: there are some speicies missing from the genome discription of Indominus, mainly Therizinosaurus and Deinosuchus. also the entire events of Camp Creatouse is missing. Just wanted to point that out.

  33. I’ve made another dino called the V-rex .It’s DAN has I-rex, I-raptor, T-rex, raptor and lion with a sirom that makes it change size it can breath underwater and I control it because would have a clicker

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