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The Spinosaurus was a large carnivorous dinosaur that existed in what is now known as North Africa, about 112 to 97 million years ago. It is currently the largest ever carnivorous dinosaur, beating the Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus. It was up to 60 feet in length, 20 feet high and weighed up to 20 tonnes. It was first discovered from some remains found in Egypt in 1912 and it was documented by German paleontologist Ernst Stromer in 1915. The remains were unfortunately destroyed during World War 2. There’s potentially a second species of Spinosaurus that was discovered in Morocco.

Spinosaurus Jurassic Park 3 Spinosaurus

Jurassic Park 3

Paleontologist advisor decided to find a new dinosaur for Jurassic Park 3 and made the Spinosaurus as the main antagonist. It’s 43 feet long and 19 feet at its fin and weighs 12 tonnes. This is actually smaller than the real-life version. It’s the only one seen on the island though Billy remarks that he didn’t know InGen had cloned it to begin with. It’s possible InGen had mistaken it for a Baryonyx or Suchomimus if it didn’t have it’s sail when it was born. We also don’t know whether it’s male or female. The dinosaur is located on the northwestern part of Isla Sorna which is why it was never encountered in The Lost World. That film took place in the southeastern area of the island.

Spinosaurus Jurassic Park 3 Spinosaurus

When the group first encounter the Spinosaurus, it kills two of the mercenaries in the jungle and damages the plane in the process. It follows the plane into the jungle and attacks them. The creature kills another one of the mercenaries and the others manage to escape. They then encounter a young Tyrannosaurus and run back towards the Spinosaurus. A quick vicious battle ensues and the Spinosaurus comes out victorious. It kills the T-Rex by breaking its neck with its jaws and the others escape again. The survivors then encounter it again at the fences when they hear the satellite phone ring. Dr. Grant and Eric Kirby narrowly escape through a gap in the fence but the Spinosaurus breaks down the fence and the group flees to the abandoned laboratory.

Spinosaurus Jurassic Park 3 Spinosaurus

In their final encounter, it appears on the river and attacks the survivors on the barge. The group came close to drowning and the Spinosaurus almost killed Paul Kirby. But it was frightened off when petrol from the boat’s engine ruptured and Dr. Grant ignited it with a flare. There were a couple of alternative endings that weren’t ever filmed. Originally, the Spinosaurus was going to be killed by a pack of velociraptors. Another ending was going to have it attack the marines on the beach.

Spinosaurus Jurassic Park 3 Spinosaurus

  1. Spinosaurus is forced into competition with any large predator in its enviornment, but in one envoirment that can only mean one animal……… Carcharodontosaurus

        1. I think spinosaurus should be starring jurassic world II because the main hybrid in jurassic world II is gonna be spinotyrannus (= Spinosaurus + T-rex ) and ends up drowning it because the spinotyrannus would have no snout the reason why spiny should be starring there is because spinotyrannus is mainly based on spinosaurus just like indominus rex is mainly based on Tyrannosaurus plus Spinotyrannus should beat everyone in the park until it comes face to face with spinosaurus

          1. That would be an amazing ending to jw 2 but unfortunately the spino from jp3 is confirmed dead and it is also seen in many shots in jw because it is the skeleton on Main Street(also confirmed) which makes the part when Rexy smashed through it very nostalgic and gives a kind of pay back for the dead Rex in jp3

    1. The real spino is actually not the biggest carnivore i’ve done my research Giganotosaurus is the biggest, Carcharodontasaurus is even smaller than T Rex

          1. they’ve only found 2 spino skeletons ever and both were bigger than t rex and it had longer arms and could drag rex in a river nd drown it. anybody who truly believes rex is king doesn’t know anything about dinosaurs outside the movie series.

        1. what are you talking about the spino snapped the t.rex’s neck there was no ripping from limb from limb plez get your facts straight before you say something that makes you look like you don’t know what your talking about

        1. The third Jurassic Park movie just came out, Jurassic World. And I’m pretty sure the T-Rex kicked major butt in it. Jurassic world was the 3rd movie, if anyone says other wise they are a liar who believes whatever they see on the internet. That ‘other’ thing they saw was some fan fiction that never happened.

          1. Excuse me, the Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus rex scene was accurate, and T-Rex appeared at the end of the movie, buster.

      1. in reality this is for everyone but .STOP STOP to say hwo is stronger trex or spino I just want in the other movie that the trex and the spino should work with eatch other against the new dinosaur.What do you say.Agreed

      1. Tyrannosaurus rex means tyrant lizard king therefore t.rex is the king spinosaurus means spined lizard and you name is just something you made up because of your unhealthy obsession with spinosaurus

      2. Not exactly true tyrannosaurus rex means tyrant king even though spino was larger trex had a stronger bite BUT they would not haft to fight because spino easily catches fish and big marine creatures and will leave its kill because it can get another. spino can kill most sea dinos including mosasurus because in jurrasic world the greatly over sized it

    1. No it’s so said insane it June 12.ps a raptor helps kill condominiums, with a t rex, the raptor name is blue and the other raptor, Charlie, delta and echo,die sadly.

        1. i like the scene when the t rex smashes through the spino, see even the director hates spino. in your face spino. plus spino is so dumb, that is why he put it as a skeleton. 🙂

  2. Sorry,I ment no, it’s so sad, no spino, I saw it june 12. And I ment indominus,not condominiums, f### spell correct.right!!!

  3. jurassic world was the best movie ever i just dont like how the t rex wasn’t in it as much. but i do like how they found the old jurassic park and the jeeps. it was a great movie. Also nothing is better than a t rex. t rex could easly kill a spino if it could kill indominus rex it could kill spino. PLUS HE IS THE KING!!!!

    1. but the t rex in jp3 was young and wasnt experienced but if it was an adult it would kill it. so you are correct. AND HE IS THE KING!!!!

      1. The t rexs is rexy from the first Jurassic park so it might be able to kill a spino BECAUSE it has so much experience fighting

        1. YEAH spino rules but nobody seems to answer to me I’m sad I really wanted spinosaurusrex to answer to me because I love spino too

    2. The t-rex is not king because it beat indominous with the help of blue & he didn’t kill indominous at all it was the mosasaur

  4. Spinos not king。Spinosaureses have extremely weak jaw pressure and hooked teeth fore snatching fish。It is proven that dinosaurs 2/3 of its size can kill it。A Spinos sail is connected to its spine directly,so if it rolls on its back,it instantly breaks it’s spine. The only
    way that it can beat another therapod(T-Rex,Carnatosaures,Allowsaures) is if it uses it’s huge claws to slice there throats. A Spinos jaws can’t crunch a watermelon,while a T-Rex can crush metal. Still, the Spinosaures is EPIC.

      1. jaw size means nothing its the bite force that matters you can have a small jaw size and have the bite force a croc if you have strong muscles in the jaw

  5. Spinosaurus is bigger than a trex i have the picture of tres and spinosaures and i saw he is bigger and stronger READ PLEASE: he is the BIGGEST CARNIVORE THAT EVER WALKED THE EARTH

  6. According to the wiki, a tyrannosaurus’s bite is so strong that it should have bit the the spinosaurus’s head off when it bit it’s neck

  7. List of Spinosaurus users:

    Spinosaurusrex (me)




    Spino Guy


    Rights Spino

    Tell me if you find more! I will include them!

  8. spinosaurs should be in Jurassic world but can you put it in Jurassic world 2 so it can fight the I rex and a t rex.

  9. A young adult Tyrannosaurus appears in Jurassic Park 3. According to the official size charts, it is 37 feet long and 14.5 feet tall. When Alan Grant and the other survivors escape the Spinosaurus, they encounter the creature who is just feeding on another dinosaur. The group runs back towards the Spinosaurus and a huge battle occurs between the Tyrannosaurus and the Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus kills the T-Rex by snapping its neck in its powerful jaws. In real-life, however, the T-Rex would have killed the Spinosaurus. When the T-Rex first has the Spinosaurus’ neck in its jaws, that would have been the end of the battle. I suppose you could say that because it was a young adult, its jaws weren’t fully developed yet while the Spinosaurus was older and had more powerful jaws. Later in the film, it’s revealed that Eric Kirby managed to collect T-Rex urine to keep the smaller dinosaurs away but he doesn’t say how he acquired it.

  10. okay guys forget spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus keep your mind on spinosaurus rather than Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus also there is no way Tyrannosaurus would get to the neck of spiny

  11. this is for spino sucks everyone knouws spino is MUCH MUCH MUCH better then any dinosaur in the world

  12. SPINOSAURUSREX PLEASE am I in the list of spino fans if I’m not PLEASE I’m BEGGING you to put me in the list-cryng

  13. spinosaurus is first in the top 10 most dangerous dinosaurs………………………..GEEEEET DUNKED ON T-REX FANSSSS

  14. I found somethin online that said why the spino and t.rex film was cut from jurrasic world fallen kingdom and it showed a spino burning to ashes its just so sad

    Ps im not liying i love spino

  15. stop debating like girls who is the better dinosaur(no offense to female users. ok?!) and as I was saying both are good in their own field !!!!!! okay?! (add me as spinosaurus fan ok?)

  16. plus the spinosaurus is having a billion advantages over the t-rex, the spinosaurus is agile, not slow as the t-rex. it’s bite force is strong enough to crush bone.Also, can a t-rex swim, huh! t-rex is lame,weak and female.

  17. It’s not confirmed to be dead it is still alive and it turns out that it’s still alive and has been transferred to the mainland USA and theirs evedince to back this up.

  18. As a Spino fan, the amount of misconconceptions on III sickens me:

    1. The Bull T-rex from III is a juvenile/Junior from TLW/sub-adult. The script explicitly states that the Bull was an adult and Matt Winston debunks it being Junior.

    2. The Spinosaurus was a precursor to the I-rex. If it was, it would be like the damn I-rex. Yes, I do think Spino was a hybrid. You know why? Every single dino is a hybrid. So if you think Spino is a bioweapon, the T-rex it kill was also a hybrid and a precursor to the I-rex.

  19. The spinosaurus and t-rex are both the king’s os the continents they were on because no one knows what will happen. The t-t-rex may win in a open field when the spinosaurus may win in a swamp or desert

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