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The Tyrannosaurus rex is the most well-known dinosaur in the Jurassic Park series. It makes appearances in all three Jurassic Park movies. It lived 67 to 66 million years ago in what is now known as western North America. The largest complete skeleton is measured at 40 feet in length, 13 feet tall at the hips and weighed up to 6.8 tons. The first bone fragments from one were found by paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope in South Dakota in 1892. More fossils were found and in 1905, museum president Henry Fairfield Osborn officially named the species Tyrannosaurus Rex. The most complete skeleton of a T-Rex came in 1990 when Sue Hendrickson, an amateur paleontologist, discovered it in the Hell Creek Formation near Faith, South Dakota, on 12 August 1990.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex


Its most distinguishing feature is its huge skull and jaw which contained razor sharp teeth, which was easily capable of biting through bones. The Tyrannosaurus rex  has the largest neck muscles of any carnivore and had an extremely powerful bite force. It also has an extremely heavy tail to ensure its balance. Another feature of the creature is their very short arms which only had two clawed fingers on them. Despite their small size, these were thought to be extremely powerful. They were perhaps used to right itself from a prone position or to hold onto its prey which it killed them.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex

The T-Rex is capable of running up to 32 mph according to John Hammond. Out of the five Tyrannosaurus that appear in the movies, the adult female seen in the first movie, is the largest. It was 40 feet long, 16 feet tall and weighed 17,500 pounds. The young adult seen in Jurassic Park 3 was listed as being 37 feet long and about 10 feet tall. The female Tyrannosaurs are brown in colour with grey stripes on the head and tail. The males are greener in colour with dark green stripes on its nose, back, legs and tail. The females also tend to be larger than the males.


There’s a lot of debate about whether or not a Tyrannosaurs’ vision is truly based on movement. In Jurassic Park, Dr. Alan Grant says that the sight of the Tyrannosaurus rex is based on movement so if you don’t move, it can’t see you. This idea is referenced in both the first and third films. This is supported by the fact that the T-Rex always gives a huge roar causing its prey to run away. On the other hand, in The Lost World novel, Dr. Richard Levine says this concept is unlikely because many animals freeze or play dead when they are scared and thus, the T-Rex would frequently miss its prey.

Tyrannosaurus Rex  Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex

Another concept is that because the carnivores have binocular vision, they have trouble seeing their prey in the dark but can still see them perfectly in the daylight. You could apply this to Jurassic Park 3. The Tyrannosaur looked like it saw the group straight away even though they weren’t moving. Saying that, it also roared, giving the previous theory more credence. It might not have been able to see them but roared causing them to run away. The roaring could just be a warning sign to warn other predators to keep out of its territory.


In The Lost World, the Tyrannosaurus are shown to be a very protective parents. They go to great lengths to ensure their offspring’s safety and will drive out anything that is in their territory. It’s said in the film that they don’t wonder too far away from the infant and continue to bring it food for months. This is similar to birds and crocodiles who guard their nests and protect their eggs from predators. Like most predators, The Tyrannosaurus teaches its offspring to hunt once they are capable.

Tyrannosaurus Rex  The Lost World Tyrannosaurus Rex


In the original Jurassic Park novel, there were two Tyrannosaurus on Isla Nublar, an adult and a juvenile version but they didn’t have kind of interaction with each other. It is said that the dinosaurs had sensitive skin so they always tried to stay within the shade. When the park’s power goes offline, the Tyrannosaurus escape from their enclosure. The adult almost killed Ian Malcolm and Tim while the juvenile killed Ed Regis. It’s also claimed that the juvenile is a great swimmer but this most likely wasn’t true in real life. Later, Dr. Grant and the children are on a raft on the river, they see the juvenile sleeping. Lex inadvertently wakes it up and it swims after them but soon gives up and goes after the adult’s kill on the shore. Muldoon later shoots it with a tranquilizer dart which causes the creature to pass out with Grant and the children hiding behind a waterfall. It’s unknown what happened to the adult Tyrannosaurus though it’s possible it drowned. When the group leaves the island via the helicopter, they take one last look at the juvenile.

There are two Tyrannosaurus that appear in The Lost World novel. They have a nest and an infant that’s located on the eastern part of the island. Ian Malcolm and his team arrive at the island and is soon attacked by the male Tyrannosaurus when it sees them in his territory. It pretends to attack Jack Thorne and Richard Levine in an effort to force them to leave the area. Later, Lewis Dodgson’s team attempts to steal some Tyrannosaurus eggs but instead George Baselton gets eaten. When one of the creature’s infants is injured, Eddie Carr takes it back to the trailer to help it. The two Tyrannosaurus arrive soon enough and take the infant back and then pushes the trailer over the cliff. Later, the creature tries to kill Sarah Harding and Lewis Dodgson who is hiding under a car. Sarah pushes him and the T-Rex takes him back to his nest.

 Jurassic Park

In Jurassic Park, the female Tyrannosaurus seen here is the largest seen in the movie series, with her length listed at 46 feet and height at 21 feet. John Hammond informs the visitors about the Tyrannosaurus soon after their arrival. When the group take a tour of the park in the Ford Explorers, they pass the T-Rex enclosure but it doesn’t make an appearance, even when they try to lure it out with a live goat. Later that night, the park’s power systems go offline and Dr. Grant, Malcolm, Lex, Tim and Gennaro are stranded outside the enclosure.

Tyrannosaurus Rex  Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus breaks free from the fences and wonders near the vehicles. Lex uses the torch which gets the creature’s attention. The dinosaur kill Gennaro and injures Malcolm but Dr. Grant and the children escape. Later when Ellie, and Muldoon arrive, the Tyrannosaurus returns and chases after them in the jeep but soon gives up. The next day, Grant and the children are wondering through the park and escape a herd of Gallimimus running. As the watch behind a fallen tree, the T-Rex bursts out of the nearby forest and kills one of them.  The creature makes one final appearance at the end of the movie when Ellie, Grant and the children are about to be attacked by two velociraptors. The Tyrannosaur appear and attacks them, killing one in the process and this gives the group the chance to escape the island.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Lost World

Like in the novel, there is a male and female Tyrannosaurus along with an infant in The Lost World. The male Tyrannosaurus is 18 feet tall and 40 feet long, the female is 19.5 feet tall and 43 feet long and the infant is 3 feet tall and 6 feet long. Roland tries to lure the male T-Rex out by trapping its infant. Sarah and Nick come across the injured infant and take it back to the trailer. Upon hearing its screams for help, both Tyrannosaurus turn up at the trailer. The group gives the infant back to its parents and both Tyrannosaurus try to push the trailer off the cliff. They disappear and Eddie saves Ian, Nick and Sarah but the two Tyrannosaurus return and kill Eddie.

Tyrannosaurus Rex The Lost World Tyrannosaurus Rex

Later, the male Tyrannosaurus tracks Sarah to Roland’s camp due to the infant’s blood on her jacket. Everybody runs for their lives and a few manage to hide behind a waterfall. Several members of Roland’s team are trampled to death. Roland manages to tranquilize the creature and it’s transported to San Diego via the ship S.S. Venture. Somehow, the T-Rex breaks free and kills the entire crew. When the ship crashes into the dock in San Diego, Ludlow order the cargo hold be opened which free the creature. The Tyrannosaurus rampages through the city looking for food and water, finding a swimming pool and a dog in the process. It causes lots of damage in the city and kills a number of people.

Tyrannosaurus Rex The Lost World Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dr. Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding steal the infant from a facility, which had been brought to San Diego separately. They use the infant to lure the Tyrannosaurus back to the ship and trap it in the cargo hold, just before tranquilizing it. The the creature is then transported back to Isla Sorna under heavy guard. It is shown together with the female Tyrannosaur and the infant.

Tyrannosaurus Rex The Lost World Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jurassic Park 3

A young adult Tyrannosaurus appears in Jurassic Park 3. According to the official size charts, it is 37 feet long and 14.5 feet tall. When Alan Grant and the other survivors escape the Spinosaurus, they encounter the creature who is just feeding on another dinosaur. The group runs back towards the Spinosaurus and a huge battle occurs between the Tyrannosaurus and the Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus kills the T-Rex by snapping its neck in its powerful jaws. In real-life, however, the T-Rex would have killed the Spinosaurus. When the T-Rex first has the Spinosaurus’ neck in its jaws, that would have been the end of the battle. I suppose you could say that because it was a young adult, its jaws weren’t fully developed yet while the Spinosaurus was older and had more powerful jaws. Later in the film, it’s revealed that Eric Kirby managed to collect T-Rex urine to keep the smaller dinosaurs away but he doesn’t say how he acquired it.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Jurassic Park 3 Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jurassic World

The same Tyrannosaurus Rex from the first Jurassic Park movie appears in Jurassic World as a tourist attraction called “T-Rex Kingdom”. In the film, Claire releases the Tyrannosaurus Rex from its paddock and leads it to the Indominus Rex. The two of them have an epic battle but the T-Rex is still no match to take on the Indominus Rex. As the T-Rex is about to be killed, a Velociraptor appears and attacks the Indominus Rex, giving the T-Rex a chance to get back into the battle. The two dinosaurs manage to push the Indominus Rex to the lagoon before it is attacked by the Mosasaurus. The Tyrannosaurus then disappears and is later seen standing on top of a structure before triumphantly roaring.

      1. T-rex does not push the i-rex into the mosasaurus tank but the t-rex just push the i-rex to the mosasaurus cage.

      1. There can’t be 3 t-rex because one is male and the other one is female.There can’t be a mix gender of t-rex. It does not make any sense of mix gender!

    1. i hope in jurassic world 2 the trex’s from the lost world j park are in jw2 so we can see if they had anymore eggs or the juvenile trex got bigger,i want to see the male and female trex from jurassic park 2 fight a predator together and maybe the juvenile trex can kill the indominus rex eggs before they hatch

  1. ” it’s revealed that Eric Kirby managed to collect T-Rex urine to keep the smaller dinosaurs away but he doesn’t say how he acquired it.”

    …do you REALLY NEED to be told how he acquired it???

  2. “Later, Dr. Grant and the children are on a raft on the river, they see the juvenile sleeping. Lex inadvertently wakes it up and it swims after them but soon gives up and goes after the adult’s kill on the shore. Muldoon later shoots it with a tranquilizer dart which causes the creature to pass out with Grant and the children hiding behind a waterfall. It’s unknown what happened to the adult Tyrannosaurus though it’s possible it drowned.”

    This selection from the Jurassic Park novel description needs revised. Grant and the kids see the adult T-Rex sleeping when they set out on the raft. Lex sneezes and the Rex wakes up and pursues them, swimming like a crocodile in the lagoon. As the adult approaches the raft, the juvenile rex can be heard roaring on shore, claiming the adult’s kill. The adult rex then drops its pursuit of Grant, Lex, and Tim to chase off the juvenile. The adult Rex later continues its hunt for Grant and the kids by following the river shore, where Muldoon catches up and shoots it with a tranquilizer, which takes a while to kick in, resulting in the adult passing out at the base of a waterfall.

  3. To Be Fair the young adult in the 3rd movie has been said to be a rogue so in that case it is not the baby rex from lost world. and the reason why the t-rex in jurassic world wasnt as good has the I-Rex its because her age caught up to her, and by the way the I-rex is supposed to be biggr and deadlyier than the t-rex when its really not, the t-rex put up a great fight and if she was still in her younge as in the first film she would kill the I-Rex withing a minute.

  4. I like all t- Rex in Jurassic park franchise. I like rexy from Jurassic park and Jurassic world.

  5. The reason the T-rex beat the indomnisaur wasnt because she was stronger。She almost got torn to bits and only survived because of Blue。The T-rex was mature and more experienced in battling,while the Indomnisaur never fought another predactor and beat the DNA out of rexy。The Indomnisaur was around 40 feet long and a young adult not fully developed,while the Tyrannosaur was over 46
    feet 22 years ago。The T-rex was not weakened by age because she was shone to be very agile and fast in battle,the same speed as in the first movie,faster if anything。The Indomnisaur killed more people in one day than the Tyrranosaur in a much longer time period。And the T-rex didnt kill the I-rex。Give the Mosasaur more credit。If a river pushed a person into a hungry gator,the gator killed the person,not the river。

    1. Yes we know mosasaur killed I-Rex but it said in the 3rd film the t-rex wasnt a fully grown one so its jaws are not powerful but what about rexy? she took the I-Rex into her jaws and the I-Rex is still alive? I mean we all know the T-Rex has the best jaw strength so why didnt it win? people are saying in jurassic park 3 “oh the t-rex lost because of it not fully devoloping into a adult and its jaws are not powerful” i have heard people saying that but in this film t-rex is huge and fully devoloped and its bites still dont take down the predator

  6. what happened to isla sorna? is it the spinosaurus thats the king there? i wonder if the baby rex in lost world is grown and ruling the island like its parents did, its a tricky question

    1. Well yes the baby rex is ruling like its parents did and by now its supposed to have its own family and keeping its territory safe from other animals, although the spino therefor is also protecting its territory but it might get extincted because ingen never made a spinosaurus it was a mistake that they made it so with no mate it cant reproduce

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the spinosaurus is not entirely dead because rexy from the first film still lives but I think spino only has a few more years or probably got eaten by another large dinosaur. The baby rex is probably having a family although what about its parents? Do they still live together, or reproduce again. Also did it ever pass anybody’s minds that the island might get over populated?

        1. Well, maybe they died and the now adult/young adult t-Rex has eggs now and a mate. It could be that each animal has their own territory across the river, and by the Rogue t-Rex in the 3rd movie, there’s more than one pack of tyrannosaurs.

  7. I think Tyrannosaurus should of still been king in Jurassic Park 3 instead of Spinosaurus becoming the new king.

        1. Technically the spinosaurus is the king since its the largest carnivore ever plus its got a two ton advantage over the t rex. But the thing is, the spinosaurus really only ate fish which is the reason for the narrow mouth. But the t rex is the meanest out the carnivore.

  8. Wow i see Trex should had won & beat Spinosaurus & I-Rex from the facts way above, IS there any thing that can take out a Trex?

    Only thing that come to my mind is Godzilla

    1. depending on the movie your talking about it could be either female from the first and second movies as well a male in the second movie and unknown in the third and in Jw i read somewhere that it was the orginal t.rex from the first movie so in that case its a female

    2. The T. rex in Jurassic World was the same one that was in the original movie. So it was a female. The only times we see male dinosaurs are in the 2nd and 3rd gilms.

  9. The t rex in the first jurassic park was not the t rex in jurassic world. There are several reasons for it, the first reason is that in the begging of the second film when dr. Malcolm is talking to hammond about site be he mentions that the dinosaurs on the first island were breed lysine deficient, which means they would die in seven days without supplemental enzymes and with no one going on the island in 20 years, rexy would have definately died with all the other dinosaurs. The other clue is that in jurassic world when th I. Rex breaks through the old park visitor center, it crushes a huge skull which was the skull of the Rexy. Now the t rex in jurassic world could be rexy, its just its rexy reborn, cuz all the species of dinosaurs have the same dna, they just bounce back from male to female.

    1. Actually the T. rex in Jurassic World WAS the same one from the first film. Remember when she walked up onto the helipad? The three scars on her head were the same ones Rexy had from The Big One. So the T. rex in Jurassic World is Rexy, period.

  10. I like the Jurassic park but I thought the trex will not be in Jurassic world the Jurassic world movie off the hook

      1. Actually the Jurassic Park franchise depicts the Tyrannosaurus as looking like this: Males have a throat wattle, making them bulkier, and they also have more prominent brows over their eyes. Males are mottled green whereas females are brown.

  11. there is going to be a REMATCH between Trex vs Spinosaurus in Jurassic World 2.. this tine, the spinosaurus is going to get his ass kick for good.. Either Trex or Indominus Rex is going to break that spine on the spinosaurus’s back.

  12. Is that you? I love your channel ! your’e one of the best youtubers I know . Keep up those HILARIOUS videos .And T.rex is the best ……….

  13. I can´t wait for Jurassic world 2 but I think the spino,the T-rex and the raptors will fight a new hybrid like the spinosaurus rex

  14. Third,they fight against the hybrid and the T-rex bites his neck,the spino scratches his eye or his face that he can´t see and the raptors bite him from the back

  15. THIS IS FOR all the people hwo think spino was only catching fish they are scavangers what I’m trying to say is that there is 2 kinds of spinos thers a quadrupedral spino that only eats fish and another kind that eats fish and its a scavenger in reality the spinosaurus has a strong bite force

  16. you know why in JP3 the spino killed the trex because the spino grabd him from the neck with his jaws and his claws his claws are super duper strong

  17. am i the only person who wants to see a follow up for junior from lost world? by now it would be fully grown and roaming in its dads place and it would be cool to see him grown up

  18. Hello people!! We all now know that JW2 is not going to be on Isla Sorna and that Owen and Claire are trying to rescue the Dino’s from Isla Nublar because that island is about to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Also Ingen made 4 spinosaurus’s:two in JP3, two in JW because there was a spino exhibit in JW and a Skelton of spino that deid of sickness on Maine street

  20. In jp3 their are two adult spinosaurus’s and two younger ones, also the skull that the I. Rex crushes was fossilized and it was definetly not enough time for if Rexy did in fact die fossilization is not that fast

  21. rexy is bigger than all of the another trex in the jurassic park movies so if rexy fights with the spinosuars rexy could win

    1. In a way that is true, but if you look closely at jp3 spino you can see that he was going easy on the T-rex. Plus spino recieved 6 direct hits from a rocket launcher, like it was nothing, wich not even the I-rex (wich was more powerful than t-rex) could not do!

  22. If this ever gets updated, the sizes should be changed to reflect current canon information. Rexy (JP/JW female) is 44 feet long and 17 feet tall according to Fallen Kingdom; Doe (TLW female) and Buck (TLW male) lack official sizes, but 40 feet long is said to be the general length of the species by people that have worked on the films, and since Rexy is 17 feet tall and she is the largest, the parent rexes would need to be about 16ish feet but no higher. The JPIII male is fine.

  23. In pong 1977, spinosaurus 🆚 tyrannosaurus, (Final round) tyrannosaurus was the champion of the whole pong 1977! I cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am his biggest fan!

  24. The T-Rex is capable of running up to 32 mph according to John Hammond. Out of the five Tyrannosaurus that appear in the movies, the adult female seen in the first movie, is the largest. It was 40 feet long, 16 feet tall and weighed 17,500 pounds. The young adult seen in Jurassic Park 3 was listed as being 37 feet long and about 10 feet tall. The female Tyrannosaurs are brown in colour with grey stripes on the head and tail. The males are greener in colour with dark green stripes on its nose, back, legs and tail. The females also tend to be larger than the males.

  25. When it said a velociraptor appears, that is wrong because Blue the raptor was knocked unconscious and then got consciousness

  26. The tyrannosaurus Rex is one of my favs since I was little and still is (but raptors did take it’s place on most favorite) but is still awesome nonetheless. But in general I think all dinos are the best.

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