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  1. i want to be a dinosaurs protector without hunting them i will protect just one dinosaur that is diabolus rex a female dinosaur in the movie jurassic world and to protect everybody from them so bring the dinosaurs in the 21st century

  2. Hallo, Habe Probleme denn mein Spiel Jurassic World the Game startet weder unter Android und auch nicht in iOS Apple Es kommt nur der startbildschirm und dann Serverprobleme, Bitte um Info
    Lg Manfred

  3. Sir:

    This is probably going to be the first “B” movie to make over a billion dollars.

    I am a engineer and scientist. You are teaching people to be stupid and illogical. You could have done much better!!!!


  4. The movie was great but the game thay could of done better by making it compatible with fairly new devices

  5. And that’s my other username! They should put Tylosaurus in Jurassic Park V/Jurassic World II.

  6. Someone needs to fix the comments pages. Something is putting the comments where they shouldn’t be. PLEASE fix it! It is driving me crazy!

  7. Your site looks great but I did notice that the word “shuld” appears to be spelled incorrectly. I saw a couple small issues like this. I thought you would like to know!

    In case you wanted to fix it, in the past we’ve used services from a websites like to keep our site error-free.

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