Jurassic World Deleted Scenes

Posted by Nexus on September 27, 2015 (Updated: 21-Aug-2023)

Here all the seven Jurassic World deleted scenes that are featured on the Blu-Ray set. The all last for just over six minutes and unfortunately, there really isn’t anything that interesting. The most notable scene is where Claire spreads dinosaur droppings on herself.


The first deleted scene shows the two technicians Vivian (Lauren Lapkus) and Lowery (Jake Johnson) looking at a video of the Indominus Rex and talking about its camouflaging ability. Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan) interrupts them and asks them to show the video clip again.

jwdeleted-01 Jurassic World Deleted Scenes


This scene follows the two kids Gray (Ty Sympkins) and Zach (Nick Robinson) and takes place just after they emerge from the water. Gray takes out a candy bar and splits it with his brother Zach. They emerge at the top of the hill which overlooks the island. Zach tells Gray “We got this.” and discards his wrist bracelet and continues walking.

jwdeleted-02 Jurassic World Deleted Scenes


Another scene involving the two kids Gray and Zach wondering through the island. Gray tells Zach that this is what it would have been like had the dinosaurs never been extinct – wondering around being scared all the time. Zach says people wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t have become extinct.

jwdeleted-03 Jurassic World Deleted Scenes

Dino Droppings

The next scene involves Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) wondering through the wilderness. Claire says she’s only seen Zach and Gray three times since they were born and two of them were at funerals. Owen stumbles across some dinosaur droppings and starts smearing himself in it. Owen tells Claire she needs to cover up that “vanilla-scented lotion” she’s wearing.  Owen attempts to cover Claire up but she insists on doing it herself. She rubs it on her legs and arms and Owen tells her to put some on her chest. She rubs it on her chest and face and Owen tells her she didn’t need to put it on her face. They then wonder off in the jungle.

jwdeleted-04 Jurassic World Deleted Scenes


This is a short scene showing Owen and Claire hiding behind a log and we can hear what we assume is the footsteps of the Indominus Rex walking nearby. It wonders off and they both pop their heads up from behind the log and Claire says “I’ll take that tequila now.”

jwdeleted-05 Jurassic World Deleted Scenes

Hoskins Heading Out

Another extremely short scene showing Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio) heading to the helicopter and asking if the Velociraptors are ready.

jwdeleted-06 Jurassic World Deleted Scenes

Velociraptor Compound

This scene shows Owen, Claire, Gray and Zach at the Velociraptor compound. Claire says this is where Owen has been spending all of his time. Owen tells her using the Velociraptors as weapons is a bad idea.

jwdeleted-07 Jurassic World Deleted Scenes

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