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Rick Carter Talks Jurassic World

Production designer Rick Carter recently spoke to about Jurassic World. He served as a consultant on the movie while Ed Verreaux is the production designer on the movie.

“I came into that one as a visual consultant,” he says. “I just worked for four months to get it going. To try and visualize where this could go next and make sure it had some the same — literally the same — DNA of the previous movies. Ed Verreaux is the production designer on that one. He did the third ‘Jurassic Park’. We’ve worked together going all the way back to ‘Back to the Future’. It’s a real hand-off between the two of us. He’s the production designer and the director’s a new director named Colin Trevorrow. He’s a big, big talent.”

Rick Carter has worked on many films including Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

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