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Colin Trevorrow Talks Trailer Scene by Scene

colin-trevorrow Colin Trevorrow Talks Trailer Scene by SceneEmpire have spoken to director Colin Trevorrow to get the low down on the new Jurassic World trailer and have done a little article analysing it scene by scene with quotes from Trevorrow. Firstly, he confirms that there will be indeed a Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurassic World though this was obvious from everything we knew so far.

So far in the trailer we’ve seen gallimimuses, stegosauruses and brachiosaurs, with raptors popping up later. But as yet there’s no sign of our old Jurassic Park chum, the T-rex. So, will we see one in Jurassic World? Trevorrow’s response is short and to the point. “You bet your ass you will.”

There’s an interesting quote on how the idea for the new Mosasaurus creature came about. In one of their initial meetings, Colin pitched an idea for an underwater reptile creature that would feed on modern day sharks.

“It wasn’t intended that way, however obvious it seems. The idea came out in one of our first meetings – I didn’t know if Steven and Frank [Marshall, producer on all the Jurassic Park movies] had considered an underwater reptile, so I pitched the mosasaurus and went off on the idea. I thought it would be cool if we had this massive animal and the park used one of our most fearsome modern predators as food. There could be a whole other facility where they used shark DNA to mass-produce them to feed the bigger beast. Steven gave me this look like, ‘You know I get it, right?’ And I sunk a little lower in my chair. And then he said, ‘Let’s do it’.

Now for a hot potato. Colin Trevorrow talks about the “domesticated” velociraptors we saw running along side Owen on his motorcycle:

“I like that people aren’t sure what the hell they’re looking at,” he says. “I was concerned about putting this image in an early trailer, but I love that people are as excited about it as they are. It just reinforces that we all want to see something fresh. Those familiar homage shots in our trailer kind of mask how different this movie is from the others, and I’m relieved that people are embracing the new ideas.”

Still, the question remains:¬†how can Owen be riding with raptors? “To not dodge the question entirely,” says Trevorrow carefully, “Owen’s relationship with the raptors is complicated. They aren’t friends. These animals are nasty and dangerous and they’ll bite your head off if you make the wrong move. But there are men and women out there today who have forged tenuous connections with dangerous predators. That’s interesting territory to me.”

In other news, the official Jurassic World website has been updated with an interactive map of Isla Nublar and a lot more information.

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