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  1. They said it wouldn’t be a genetically enhanced version of any of the original antagonists. Tyrannosaurus was one of the past antagonists. Obviously this new predator is a genetically enhanced tyrannosaur if anything. There is no such thing as a Diabolus Rex in the fossil records so it is not a true dinosaur. So Colin Trevorrow and the rest of the producers lied about it. They could’ve made the antagonist any other large predator such as Carcharodontosaurus or Giganotosaurus, but T. Rex is starting to get just a little bit old. I like to see T. Rex as much as the next person in the movie but it being the main villain in the movie that people have been expecting for years now is just redundant. They might as well be trying to recreate a messed up rendition of the original Jurassic Park. This totally ruins what I was hoping for from this movie. Major downer.

  2. The pictures are conmig from WDW press web site, Star Tours section. You can’t access it as you need to be registered with WDW marketing dept.But most of all, you don’t need to go on their site as all the pictures which are on the site are posted here – and below in the “grand opening” article – in the original full high-res, i didn’t changed the size of the files.All you have to do is to double click on each to see them in full high-res.

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