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Jurassic World Teaser Trailer Description

It seems Universal are very close to releasing the first teaser trailer for Jurassic World. Reportedly, the studio has been showing the trailer to test audiences and one person has given a description about it on Youtube. Beware, big spoilers below:

The trailer starts out with Universal Studios and Legendary logos. The first scene in the trailer I saw [consisted of] tourists in a boat out on the water.  The camera pans around and you see this island (Isla Nublar) and you know that’s where Jurassic Park is. You see some type of vehicle entering the park where the gates are just like the first one [except] reading ‘Jurassic World’. In another scene you see a car just driving in a field where there’s a bunch of a dinosaurs – they look like herbivores – walking around the car casually. In one of the other scenes that shows off how Sci-Fi this movie is, you see two passengers in this type of transparent bubble, a transport, with a long-necked dinosaur next to them. In my favorite scene in the entire trailer, you see a shark – it looks like a great white – hanging upside down over water and out of nowhere, the water explodes and you see this giant crocodile-like mouth pull the shark into the water. 

It’s like Sea World with dinosaurs as water comes down on the crowd around [the exhibit]. In another shot, you see the mosquito [in the amber]. One of the leads (Bryce Dallas Howard?) says that “We can create our own dinosaurs from scratch.” Chris Pratt walks into a room and starts questioning everyone, asking “What’s going on?” In another scene, you see a 40-foot wall with scratches, and mention of a “creature being loose”. The whole trailer kinda sounds like the JURASSIC PARK theme, but in a slower, darker piano tone. After you see a woman scream, the JURASSIC WORLD text pops up. After which, Chris Pratt says, “If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it my way.” At which point you see him touch a raptor with headgear, and a pack of raptors running together.

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