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Latest Jurassic World Trailer Rumours

There still seems to be a lot of rumours flying around as to when the Jurassic World trailer will be released. We last heard that it would début with Interstellar in November but the word is now that it might not hit until The Hobbit 3 on December 17th. Apparently, there was a a conflict between the marketing teams of Jurassic World and Fast 7 who are also planning to début their trailer during Intersteller.

“I just got word that the theatrical trailer has been pushed back to debut with The Hobbit.  This is for strategic reasons and not because of any actual delay with getting it ready.  Universal is choosing to debut the Fast 7 trailer on Interstellar instead.  Whether or not they still choose to debut it online in November, I have no idea.”

The Editor of JoBlo’s have since said that the trailer will be online much sooner than December 17th so here’s hoping it will be online sooner.

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