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Pictures of Jurassic World Brochure Leaked

Some pictures of the brochure that visitors receive when they enter Jurassic World have been leaked by a user on Twitter. It shows a list of the various attractions at the theme park including the Bamboo Forest, Golf Course, Gyrosphere, Underwater Observatory and Cretaceous Cruise. It also lists what dinosaurs are there including the legendary T-Rex, Surprisingly, Velociraptors aren’t listed and neither is the mystery D-Rex so I suspect they’re supposed to be kept out of sight from visitors

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  1. I was hired by universal for work developing themes in the new film. What you’re about to read will spoil the film for you. I was provided the original script and concept art and was asked to elaborate on ideas. Jurassic World begins with attendees being seated in the T Rex amphitheater across long, log benches. The feeding occurs every two hours and the trainers of the park rotate T Rex’s. The T Rex is not confined, Developments by Henry Wu’s character result in a hormone that is not given to the creatures (similar to the gender gene in the first film) which makes the creatures domicile. During feeding time, a goat is brought upon stage. There is an excited child in the audience, a few rows back. It’s wearing a bright outfit and is jumping up and down screaming out of excitement. The T Rex appears distracted for a moment and the trainers exchange nervous looks. Something snaps and the T-Rex loses interest in the goat. Suddenly, it storms through the audience, crushing several attendees and devouring the child in bright clothing. People run towards the exits of the amphitheater as the trainers tranquilize the T Rex.

  2. After the opening credit(s) we see the new park under construction and scenes relating to Patel’s acquisition of Jurassic World. InGEN is bankrupt and Patel purchases the park on one condition, InGEN will serve as a mediator. InGEN’s new purpose is to provide support in regaining control of the park. Dinosaur breeding has exploded exponentially, it is impossible to regain control of the island. The old park (where most dinosaurs are concentrated) must be barricaded and sectioned off. This serves as a benefit too for scientific analysis of “wild” dinosaurs. Later in the movie, the D Rex will be released into the “wild” portion of the park in order to observe its behavior (especially whether or not the domicile demeanor is in effect).

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