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Jurassic World Trailer Online!!!

Two days earlier than expected but the Jurassic World trailer is finally online! We get to see various locations in the park itself, the ship taking everybody to it and the monorail. There’s a scene showing Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus at a river while some people are canoeing. We see a huge new aquatic dinosaur eating a shark. The characters then talk about the new hybrid dinosaur that they genetically created and we may see a shot of the D-Rex¬†from behind chasing Chris Pratt. The trailer closes with a scene showing lots of Velociraptors chasing Chris Pratt’s character while he’s riding a motorcycle. Check out the trailer and screenshots below:

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  1. I don’t think the Raptors are chasing Owen, it looks like they might be helping him track down and stop the D-Rex. If that’s true then it would confirm rumors from an earlier draft of the script that had the dinos being trained like they do a real zoos.

  2. Considering that dinos, like raptors were birds. The thought of them being trained is realistic. These were animals. Hell, look at how Lions and tigers are trained today…even Hawks and Eagles are trained to hunt.

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