Jurassic Park Storyboards

Posted by Nexus on February 1, 2014 (Updated: 30-Nov-2014)

Here’s lots of Jurassic Park storyboards.

  1. Ned 2000 here to update ya’ll. I just got into a heated argument. I feel like I need to cry and eat pussy.
    However, I cannot re produce so now my wife has left me for a guy who looks like Shrek. I once spoke to this so called Shrek, his breath stank but his spaff tasted like onions. He looked at me gave me a taste of his mighty RAWR XD, he whispered in my ear “Shrek is love, Shrek is life” ALthough, he stole my wife, he still has the decency to allow me to sit in the corner like a little prince charming I am and watch my wife get penetrated by that big long juicy green shlong.
    I shall update you guys after i come back from my anal cavity search.

    NED 2000 – OUT.

  2. Ned 2000 – here to update ya’ll stupid sons of bitches. My wife has signed off the divorce papers. It’s offical guys I’m a single Pringle ready to mingle. So please help my poor soul out and find me a woman who can look at me the way my dad looks at a box of condoms as he wishes I was never born. So suck my ass and love me tight. Shrek came back to my room last night and he told me the truth about my life. He predicted my future. He told me that if I entered in a unforgivable fight of survival in the pain olympics I could be like caitlyn Jenner who is still my dad in drag. Before shrek left he touched my anus and tucked me in for bed and spaffed In my ear. I took a big chunk and tasted it as I was thirst for COCK it tasted like onions but it was worth it. This may be the McDonald’s new recipe.

    NED 2000 OUT

  3. Charlotte. Are you a freaky woman looking to mingle? I’m looking for fun. If you are 17, then I am 12. Age is just a number but I give good loving

  4. Conor just tingled my fanny but tbh I’m a kinky milf and love a bit of spaff here and there. Don’t tell him what I got him for Christmas. He feels lonely when I’m in college achieving my best quality grades so I can be educated enough to make good loving.

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