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Baby Triceratops Sighted at Honolulu Zoo?

There’s a rumour currently making the rounds that a baby Triceratops was in a scene that was filmed at Honolulu Zoo for Jurassic World. It was reportedly involved in an interactive petting zoo scene.

JURASSIC WORLD SPOILER ALERT: So this has been circling the rumor mill for the last few days and it’s gaining credibility. Since it happened on our watch here at the Honolulu Zoo, I figured I’d jump on it too. It seems a scene filmed at the zoo was some sort of interactive “petting zoo” scene that involved baby Triceratops. I also heard the caterers fed the cast and crew Bronto-burgers for lunch….. but I can’t confirm or deny that rumor.

A Triceratops was featured in the first movie when the characters treated a sick Triceratops. The dinosaur appeared in The Lost World when one escaped from the InGen container and a herd of them appeared briefly in Jurassic Park 3. Thanks to ikarop for the news.

Triceratops Baby Triceratops Sighted at Honolulu Zoo?

Jurassic Park

This article was posted April 15, 2014 at 10:00 pm.

  1. This is kind of cool. I like how they made it look like it was real. I know that this isn’t real though. It just would be awesome if it WAS real.

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