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Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

Okay, so we’ve all had time to digest the Jurassic World trailer. Let’s take a look in more detail at what we’ve seen. We already know the Jurassic World takes place 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park and Isla Nublar has now become a tourist attraction thanks to the Masrani Corporation.

The Jurassic World Gates

The shot of the gates is a callback to the original Jurassic Park gates from the first movie. Director Colin Treverrow has confirmed that this shot was made especially for the trailer and won’t be in the movie.

trailer07 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

Jungle Trek

The scene of some tourists travelling through a herd of Gallimimus is similar to the first movie with Dr. Grant, Lex and Tim running through the herd.

trailer09 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

Cretaceous Cruise

This is a tourist attraction in the film and people will get to canoe down a river. We can see various dinosaurs along the river bank including Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus.

trailer10 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis


The Gyrospheres will be a tourist attraction in Jurassic World allowing people to get up and close to dinosaurs. It looks like they move on a fixed track. In the first scene, we can see the Gyrosphere base, the second shows two people in a Gyrosphere next to a Brontosaurus. In the third shot, we see Owen standing by a crashed Gyrosphere.

trailer11 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

trailer12 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

trailer28 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

Mosasaurus Feeding Show

Another attraction on the island is similar to killer whales at SeaWorld. Only instead of killer whales, we have a Mosasaurus. The creature is a huge, 15-metre long aquatic carnivore from the Late Cretaceous period – roughly about 90-65 million years ago. It sort of resembles a huge crocodile. The creature CGI is poor for a blockbuster in my opinion but they are still in post-production so hopefully it will get better.

trailer16 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis


The so-called Diabolus-Rex becomes the main focus point of the trailer. It’s a genetically created hybrid dinosaur that is rumoured to have DNA from a Tyrannosaurus, a Velociraptor, a Snake and a Cuttlefish. It somehow escapes its enclosure and wreaks havoc on the island. We can see Owen theorizing on how it escaped and we see claw marks on the fence. We later see Owen escaping the creature and running towards the same fence. We only saw a low shot of it from behind. It looks similar to a T-Rex but it’s claws are completely different and seem a lot longer.

trailer24 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

trailer36 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

There’s a scene showing Claire holding a flare which is a callback to the first Jurassic Park with Dr. Grant and Dr. Malcolm using one to distract the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Presumably, the new Diabolus-Rex’s vision is also based on movement.

trailer37 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

Domesticated Velociraptors

The final scene of the trailer features a group of Velociraptors leaving their cages and running along with Owen who is on a motorcycle. But they’re not attacking him, they’re helping him to attack a creature out of view. It is rumoured that the Velociraptors have been trained like animals at a zoo.

trailer42 Jurassic World Trailer Analysis

The trailer didn’t feature the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the T-Rex Kingdom tourist attraction nor the Aviary with the Pteranodons which also featured on a leaked brochure image. There is still a lot of dinosaurs still to appear in the film. I thought it was a decent trailer overall. I think it will be a fun movie to watch but I have my doubts about trying to “domesticate” dinosaurs like the Mosasaurus or Velociraptors. The reason we liked the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movies is because they were completely wild in their own habitats.

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