• <h2>Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer!</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>Universal Pictures have released the first trailer for the upcoming movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard reprise their roles as Owen and Claire […]</span>
  • <h2>Jurassic World Sequel Coming June 22, 2018!</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>Big news. Universal has announced that the Jurassic World sequel will be coming out June 22, 2018 with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard returning to the […]</span>
  • <h2>Jurassic World Concept Art From Gadget-Bot</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>Some cracking Jurassic World concept art has been published by concept studio Gadget-Bot showing various environments from the movie. We have a look at the Indominus Rex in […]</span>
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Jurassic World will be released June 12th, 2015. The film will be directed by Colin Trevorrow and stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins. Keeping reading Jurassic World Universe for all the latest news and rumours on the Jurassic World movie.
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Colin Trevorrow Talks Jurassic World Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow has spoken to IGN about the upcoming Jurassic Park film. He reveals the film is being shot in 35mm and 65mm and that it will be in 2 to 1 ratio. Actor BD Wong will be returning as Dr. Henry Wu who appeared in the first... [Read More]
Jurassic World Casting Call Report Further to our report, TheGardenIsland posted their experiences of going to the Jurassic World auditions in Puhi, Hawaii yesterday. There’s no particular spoilers or anything unfortunately so the author just gives his account of his experience. I’m sacrificing my Hollywood career to bring you this story. That’s OK, I’m a... [Read More]
Another Jurassic World Casting Call in Puhi It seems there will be another casting call for Jurassic World this Sunday according to TheGardenIsland. Like the last one, the filmmakers are looking for men, women and children who “are comfortable in the water” as well as military types. The casting call takes place in Kauai Community College in Puhi,... [Read More]
Hundreds Turn Out For Jurassic World Casting Call Well, the Jurassic World casting call has been and gone and hundreds of people turned up for the event, some of them were in military uniforms.  Director Colin Trevorrow commented on the story over on KDramaStars:  “It’s no surprise that casting directors are looking for families as extras. It’s important to... [Read More]
Vincent D’Onofrio, Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy Cast in Jurassic World Deadline is reporting that Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket,  Law & Order: Criminal Intent) will be playing the villain in Jurassic World. According to another report on TheWrap, he will play “the CFO of the Patel Corporation who projects the image of a normal family man to mask a hidden edge.” It’s also reported... [Read More]
No Jeff Goldblum For Jurassic World In an interview with HuffingtonPost, actor Jeff Goldblum confirms he won’t be in Jurassic World as they never approached him. They ask why he didn’t do Jurassic Park 3 and he weirdly says he wasn’t asked for that either. But it was rumoured that he was in Jurassic Park 3... [Read More]
Casting Call for Jurassic World + Cast Pages Leaked Firstly, there’s an open casting call for Jurassic World taking place this weekend in Hawaii. They’re looking for families and people who look like they’re in the military. The latest installment of Jurassic Park is set to film in the islands and a local talent agency tells KHON2 that the... [Read More]
Jurassic World Set Pictures from Oahu, Hawaii Some more Jurassic World pictures have surfaced on Dutch website Bruno.nl. It shows the construction of something taking place in Oahu, Hawaii. Be sure to check out the rest on their website. [Read More]
Another New Hawaii Set Picture Another new set picture from Hawaii has surfaced via somebody’s Instagram account. It shows something being constructed in a different area of Hawaii than the previous pictures. [Read More]
Jurassic World Filming at Six Flags Park JPLegacy forum member SpielbergFan found a PDF document indicating that Jurassic World will be filming at the abandoned Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans. Here’s some pictures from Instagram user Gerald Callahan who is working on the set construction. “Ms. Martin received and responded to several calls for use of... [Read More]
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